Hello world of the Internet!

so this is my first post. I’m in a little bit of a book slump at the moment when it comes to finding a book that will suck me in, but I’m always looking for my next great read, so if you have happened to come across me ( in the early days) feel free to recommend some amazing romance reads, I’m always up to try a new author, and have read a lot of the old favorites. At some point I will make a page for my favorite reads, my up coming reads(maybe) I’m not one to plan ahead, but if I hear about a book that’s coming out soon and want to read it I will let you guys know. I’m hoping in the future to do some give aways, but we’ll see how that goes while I get used to doing this. She starting next week I will try to have a plan on how stuff will go. I know I’ll do at least 2 reviews a week, if not more, and in Tuesday’s I’ll try to give a list of new releases that have come out. So with all this said bear with me while I get into the grove of things, maybe I’ll post my first review tomorrow 🙂 of one of my favorites (there’s so many to choose from)! 


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