🌜The book worm box🌛

So there’s this service that came out a few months ago and it’s titled the book-worm box. There are a few other services across the internet that are like this one but this one is a little different. An amazing author Colleen  Hoover has made up this uniquely amazing idea and all proceeds go to a different charity each month! All the boxes include romance novels ( all signed)  and includes swag, whether it be pens, book marks, and even CDs! The cost of each box is $39.99 plus shipping.

Some people might think that’s a little high of a price, but in reality it’s all going to charity, by doing this we are making a difference, Colleen has come up with a way to get people interested in doing what we should really do anyways. Each book is given from the author, and or publishers out of their own money loss, the swag is all money lost to these authors and blogs, yet they still do it to get US as readers interested in charity. I think it’s an amazing idea and give Colleen and also all her volunteers a huge round of applause for this.

Last months charity’s

April 2015- 50% of profits will go to the Lake Charles, Louisiana branch of The American Heart Association in honor of Britt Campbell who suffers from a defect called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return   The other 50% will go to a charity called Hayden’s Heart in memory of Hayden Jeter Dorsett.

In the lets just round-up to 15 minutes, ( it was less) they were able to raise $15,000 for charity. But to make it better that was 15,000 for each one! So 30,000 in such a short amount of time! It’s amazing how that can happen when we get a little something in return! Below is a picture of just how crazy this is 


This is the wall of boxes that were shipped out around us. I was lucky to get one, I’ll explain more soon. I loved my box, I got the indie box and got a book, a cd, and swag. They have now made only one box, you will get 2 books, and swag, all books are signed. For $39.99. It’s amazing.

There is now a Facebook page to swap with people incase you get a repeat book and want to switched, at the cost of shipping to each people. I also did this and it was easy, quick and so much fun!

Now the down fall! You have to be super fast on the day they do on sale. The first month I wasn’t fast enough and missed out, so you have to be hovering on your computer to get one of these amazing boxes! Here is the link to the site if you want to see everything Click here for the book-worm, they have made changes since they started 2 months ago, and keep getting better and better!

May 10th they will be going on sale again! So get ready and be excited! I know I am!


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