✨Review ✨Death Wish By Megan Tayte

WOW where do I start! This book was a crazy ride, when I read the   you think you know what you’re in for and really, you don’t!  It was a story about overcoming loss, and learning the truth, and the love of a sister looking for anwsers.

Scarlett Blake, what is there to say about her, she was so strong, in the events that took place in death with she handled her self amazingly. She lost her sister, something no one should have to deal with. Her parents were at a loss all on their own even tho they had another daughter. Her mother tried, but was very over baring, and just…. Sad. That’s the only word I can use to describe her. Her father, was an Ass with a capital A. But thankfully we don’t see much of him. Maybe that’s for a reason but maybe it’s not. But back to Scarlett.

She was in so much pain over losing her sister, she didn’t understand, didn’t trust that her sister would choose to end her own life. So she set off on an adventure, one to become closer to her sister, to just, understand why, why make these choices. But that she uncovers is more than she bargained for. Sienna and Scarlett were super close in age and that made their bond that much stinger. So the death of her sister hit her super hard

So she moved to the last place her sister was. Sienna  a had run away, and really who wouldn’t, they had a strict up bring and even stricter schools so she took of to the one place full of happy memories The old beach house owned by her grandparents. There she sets off on an adventure she didn’t bargain for. To find out the truth about what really happened to Sienna.

She meets these guys, Luke and Jude, both great names 🙂  so Jude isnt an major part of this story, but in the same ways he is this story, it’s too hard to explain who Jude is without giving too much away, but he knew sienna and  Jude protects Scarlett and there’s a reason for everything in this book. So we’ll leave Jude on the back burner and you’ll have to read the story to learn more about him.

Luke, oh Luke, she stole my heart, his story along is a sad one, but it’s part of the mystery of the book. You will feel for him and what he’s gone thru and realize why he feels the need to protect Scarlett too. The way they are together is super cute and I love how….. Uncomfortable they can be together. They fall in love and their love is stong.

Luke keeps some things from Scarlett to save her from pain. While I agree to some point, when they come out it is like WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!! But she can’t stay mad at him because she cares way too much.

She later learns some things that are like wow didn’t see that coming, and he said what! But it’s all about what make this story. There’s also Chester, Cara and Bert, they all make this story fun, and sad at the same time, y’all have to read this story to meet them!

After a series of events it all comes together and we learn things that are hard to understand. But they are what makes this story!

Will Scarlett come to terms with what happened to her sister?

Will she get the answers she seeks?

Or will she walk into something she never saw coming?

Well if y’all want those answers you will need to read Death Wish, this is the first book in this series. . overall this is a 3.5-4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read. It is YA with a hit of paranormal.

I recommend this book to someone who is trying the paranormal genre, and wants to check out a new anther, who seemed to put a lot of work in there first book! PLUS it’s part of kindle unlimited! Click  Here to check it out.

(I read this book at request of the author for an honest  review)


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