This was a really good story!

This book gave me feeling that I truly love to get  when reading a book. Aaron made me sad, poor 5year old little boy, but he was so cute!  Rory’s an amazing norther what had to deal with a lot because she was a single mother ( her choice) because she was scared for her son, being a mother I can understand that, band in general worried for what might happen because people don’t understand. But then she reached her breaking point and had no other choice to reach out to Cody, Aaron’s father.

It was a shock to both of them to have the feelings get pulled but to the forefront like a lighting bolt. Cody had a rough past, and my heart was sad for him. Then there’s the bad guy, what an asshole!

Anyways!!! This book was a short quick read, the sex was perfect! The interaction between Cody and Aaron had me smiling, the love between Rory and Cody was heart melting sweet then we have some crazy people like Rory’s aunt, and codes ma 🙂 they gave me the warm and fuzzys!

The plot was awesome and nothing I’ve read before, the discrption  were spot on, I felt as if I was with them. There were no real plot gaps that I picked up so that’s always a plus for me! This book is on Kindle unlimited!

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs something short and sweet.


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