⭐️Mini reviews⭐️

On this mini review, I will be posting my thoughts of books I’ve read in the past, one or two depending on time limit! and just don’t have time to Reread now. So I’m doing a mini review, I won’t go into too much detail about each book, just the feelings these books gave me and if I would recommend them! Hope you enjoy Mini Reviews!

twilight series By Stephanie Myers

  Twilight was a good series, it was the first paranormal series I read and I have been hooked ever since, the love between Edward and Bella was amazing! I wish Jacob had got a full story, but my only hope is that he still will one day with Edward and Bella’s daughter! I’ve heard rumors so that’s a good thing!!!

When I watched the movies I was disappointed int he actors that were playing Edward and Bella, they were too, I’m not sure what the word I want to use is. But they were stuffed up, Jacobs actor was amazing! But taylor is an amazing guy (laughing loudly!)

The last 2 movies for breaking dawn were the best out of them, but the book was even better! I love the vampires and wolf shifters and the endless romance between Edward and Bella! If you haven’t read them yet you need to! It is an epic love story!  overall the whole series is a 4 star read, and the books are so much better then the mivie!

Nerds Are Freaks To By Koko Brown
  This book is like 4 years old, and I just needed something light and short at the moment when I read it, and I got what I asked for. It’s a cute short friends to lovers story, I read it in like 2 hours.

Roxanne has been friends with Leo for quite some time and doesn’t want to ruin their great friendship by being together, but Leo wants her. Her sex life needs something more so she enlist Leo for help, and he helps her set up a site on a kink dating site. Then from then the story goes.

The writing was amazing, Leo was a sweet dork and cute in every way possible, but he hides a secret, and once Roxanne finds out he has to get her back. She’s blind to her love for him, but in the end they get their HEA.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for something light and sweet, and a little kinky. This is a very short, tame 50Shades feel to it. Overall a 3.5 star read! 

Hope y’all enjoyed my first mini review! Keep checking back for more


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