⭐️Series review!⭐️ Wanted series by Kelly Elliott!

I am going to do a review on of my favorite series! These books gave me the feels that I want all book to. 

There are 6 books In The wanted series and each book is as amazing as the last! This group is a tight family, even tho half are friends, and then a sibling set, then grandparents, but each book brings us something. There  is no way for me to pick a favorite couple, but if I had too I would say Garrett and Emma. They are the start but the ending!

In Wanted we meet Ellie and Gunner . Each of them has some deep scars, Ellie more so the Gunner.  I don’t want to give too much away, but, Ellie and Jeffs mom wasn’t nice, and it scared Ellie in a way that she was just scared, she felt like she wasn’t wanted (as the title says it) but she meets gunner and those two have a crazy start but finally get their HEA. Gunner is a sweetheart that digs his way into Ellie’s heart and never wants out.

Saved is Ari (Ellie’s best friend) and Jeff(Ellie’s brother and Gunners best friend) these two will give you a run for your money! They have the best love hate thing going on its so funny! I don’t want to give too much away, but this a log with all the books are tear induces. airs brother is the best ever! Read to find out more! Plus you get to see Ellie and Gunner. 

Faithful, is Heather (Ellie and Aris friend) and Josh (Jeff and Gunners friend) story. It’s so hard to describe without giving too much away on this one. Our hearts break for Heather in this one, stuff happens and its left her in an awkward position, for her and Josh, they have to overcome, a huge mount ion of things so they can get there awesome ending.be prepared to cry your eyes out just like with all the other ones.well I did anyway you guys all might be a lot better with sad stuff but  it has a very happy ending. So check it out! Each can be a stand alone, but to get the full story, read in order.

Believe, is a short story for Amanda and brad. We get to look into there lives and problems. It made me cry a little on what they had to go thru. This shows that marriage isn’t always easy and that some times it takes a lot of woke to over come things. It was a nice addition to the series. 

In CHERISHED we get to see scott and Jessie. And was there story a ride. With a lying ex, a heroine that runs away and a man left broken hearted, this is a story about hope and rekindling a love that was from the past. with a lot of misscomunitionnand heartache it was a great addiotion to this series. and leaves it open for a new couple! great eplouge! 

NOW on to the best book ,   A Forever Love you could say it’s the start to a great series or the end of an era, but how ever you look at it Emma and Garrett were amazing”! There love started it all even tho we didn’t know it, it sat in the old days you could say and shows how Emma got her own happy ending with Garrett. He is the sweetest man, but a man none the less so we’re in for one heck of a ride.

This is a must read series. Kelly has also started writing the kids storys so we are in for another ride. 

Here is the reading order, and links on the cover. Start with Wanted  and I bet  you won’t stop at one. 

 WANTED(book 1 wanted series) Ellie and Gunner

 SAVED(book 2 wanted series) Ari and Jeff

 FAITHFUL (book 3 wanted) Heather and Josh

  BELIEVE (book 3.5 wanted series) Amanda and Brad

CHERISHED (book 4 wanted series) Jessie and Scott

 A FOREVER LOVE (book 5 wanted series) Emma and Garrett



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