⭐️Review!⭐️ The Heir!!  By Kiera Cass 

It’s pretty funny how this was released around the same time as the royal princess was born 🙂 I doubt it was on poupose, but maybe it was. 
I was so excited to here that there was going to be another book in this series! At first I was undecided because,  The first three were amazing and I couldn’t decide if it was worth adding on to the series but because it didn’t change the first couple I began to get excited!. Maxon and  America are one of my favorite couple!  They had four kids in the last 20 years. The first set was a girl and boy twin set! And low and behold the girl was the first one out, so Maxon has changed more laws to allow her as queen! That’s exciting all on its own, because well in this real wrold there is one queen in England, the U.S. Has yet to have a female ruler, but maybe one day! It’s a mans world anymore. 

  Ok so on to Eadlyn. What to say what to say, I liked her spunk a lot, she was funny and tried to do the best by her people even when It was at a cost to what she really wanted. Her parents need to distract the people from real problems and wanted Eadlyn to do a selection, to say she wasn’t happy is beyond me.  They want her to have someone to rule with when she is queen, but she is far from happy. Even tho she wants nothing to do with it, she agree under her own terms and this starts the first female selection! She is such a strong woman that she made due with what she had to do, even tho she was stoborn at time. But thru this story she learns a lot about her self and even, maybe just a little about love. 

 35 men are brought in, and maybe, just maybe one will survive! I was rooting for 2 guys because they were just so cute and awkward!!! But I’ll let yall figure that out on your own! There will be another one in this add on to the original series , but then you’ll wanna read the others in the original selection series. 

I don’t want t go into details on the men Because even tho it has to do wih them, this book to me has more to do with Eadlyn becoming more for her self and for her people. Becoming compassionate and more caring and not just doing a job.  It was great to the old gang in a more family setting, and just letting loose at time 🙂 

There was quite a bit of heartache add into the funny . That ending, oh man did it almost gut me! To say I need to know what happens is an understatement. I can’t wait for the next book, because I don’t like cliffhangers!

My favorite part would have to be at the end, while it was hard to decide it was this line that got me  “Welcome to the first ever Selection Variety Show, starring a bunch of losers competing for your attention.”   Like the princess said atleast they owned it!

So overall I highly reccomend this book, I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next book. My fingers are crossed and I hope the one people I want to win, does in fact truly wins her heart. And that everyone gets there happy ending!  

Click Here to get your copy. 


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