*Review* The No Asshole Rule by Ashley Erin

I love this cover. This model is super yummy and made me get this book!

This is a story about overcoming your past and becoming who you want to be. Andie didn’t have the best life growing up and all she knew of males is that they were assholes, so she had a rule, no assholes. She thought it was simple, until she met Lucas, Lucas saw what could happen if you are not careful, his sister was proof of that so he does what a man can do and changes his man where ways, that is until he meets Andie. Together they try to overcome the past, but will it be simple? I dare you to read and find out!
I really enjoyed this story. The plot is one I have read before but this is a less drama version of the type of book it could be. The way that Ashley wrote Andie made me smile. She got the feelings to a T on what can happen, how you can feel when you grow up that way. Now I’m not saying that things didn’t annoy me. There were parts that you wanted to just yell at Andie and say STOP! Us as reader know when it’s duel POVs what the hero is thinking and feeling in the case Lucas. So I was a little annoyed at some part for that fact right there. I loved seeing Andie overcome her past and stand up for what she wanted even tho it took a while to get there. Plus an added bonus that she loved Mario cart!
Lucas was a yummy hero. He was funny, smart, sexy, down to earth. He did jump to conclusions once and it irritated me but he made up for it. Tall handsome and just so Lucas. I loved seeing inside his head it made me feel for him a little more, his lift wasn’t always easy but he was able to overcome everything that happened with his family. His parents were cool even tho we didn’t see much of them. His sister and nephew, they rocked and I’m hoping she gets a book soon.

The secondary characters in this book open it up for a great series, I just hope Dax gets his book like ASAP, he was great, the funny reformed bad boy. But this story wasn’t about him. The writing still was great, I only noticed minor grammar errors, but I suck at grammar  so I don’t count.

I recommend this book for anyone looking for a light book. The author kept it light and the drama to a minimum when it could have taken an uglier turn then it did, I was disappointed but that tho. I’m mood to want to give too much away but I was waiting for the big bam moment and while there was one it wasn’t what I wanted when it happened. It didn’t make the story any less great tho.

I’m give this book 3 stars but for me to write this review I liked it, just didn’t love it. Click here to get your copy today! You won’t be sorry you did!


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