✨Review✨ Rose and Jacob by Lexi Buchanan 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Four amazing stars for this heart warming story. 


 McKenzie (Mack) Harper, moves to Rose Cottage in Cape Elizabeth for the summer with her six-year old nephew, Lucas.
Life is pristine at Rose Cottage, but when Mack finds a diary while storing boxes for the summer, she is pulled into a world of heartache, betrayal and love that transcends the pain of loss. The first page of the diary reads, “This is the diary of a Rose, dated March 4th, 1947.”
Settling down to read this diary, she discovers a love story between Rose and a man named Jacob Evans. Realizing that Jacob is still alive, she finds herself driven to not only discover Rose’s tragic ending, but to contact Jacob and tell him the truth of Rose’s fate. After tracking Jacob Evans down, she is surprised by a sudden guest at the cottage next door. A denim and leather clad man dismounts his Harley and captures Mack’s attention in a way Rose’s diary never did.
Unbeknown to Mack, he’s Jacob’s grandson, Dean, who has come to Cape Elizabeth to find out who the mysterious woman is and why she wants to talk to his grandfather about a diary that is sixty-eight years in the past.
Together Mack and Dean try to unravel the mystery of what actually happened to Rose in 1947.
All these characters come together in a story of love, loss and friendship.

My Thoughts

Mack take her nephew on a summer vacation and doesn’t expect it to go the way that it did. Like the description stateside a love story about love, loss and friendship. The author Lexi Buchanan described the rose cottage like we the reader are really there, then she finds a diary from a woman named rose and that’s how this epic love story becomes a vision. We get to read the diary along with Mack and get to relive everything with her. 

Dean comes into her life and it’s kind of instalove type thing but the way it’s worded it’s so much more. I really loved dean, he was hard at first then becomes this sweet loving man that we can all love. All long the way Mack meets Thomas, and I loved that old man like he was my own grandfather, his relationship with Lucas warmed my heart. The feather we go on we learn some things that are like wait a minute, what?!?!?!

While I truly loved this story, the reason it’s only 4 stars is because it is a little bit predictable but that still didn’t take away from the sweetness and love from this book, your heart with break for rose and Jacob, all that they went thru for their love to become a reality.

This is different the other types of books that Lexi writes but to me, that makes a great author, someone who can branch out and still make an amazing story. You will fall in love with Mack and Dean, Thomas and Lucan, and most importantly Rose and Jacob. So check it out, because this is an amazing story that you will not want to miss out on!

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