⭐️Review⭐️ Beautiful  Sarifice by Jamie MaGuire


I have loved every book that Jamie has written, and while I enjoyed this one, it fell a little flat for me. I won’t go into too much detail but I felt like it could have been longer, the ending was great but a little predictable.

 The heroine Falyn was great and like able, and Taylor was great like always, I had forgotten the things he did in the last book and was mad at him all over again now that we got to meet the heroine. It’s so hard to not give stuff away but I don’t want to ruin it.

The setting was perfect and I loved seeing a little bit of Taylor’s job. The little cafe was perfect and I felt right at home in just reading about the staff, but you’ll have to experience them for yourself. We got to see our favorites in this book and made me smile all over again and makes me want to Reread the books all over again.

Jamie has quite a few books u dear her belt, so everything just seemed to flow. I didn’t like how so part were skipped ahead, and we only got to see snippets of them thru memory. It didn’t make the book bad, but I personally love seeing things happen.

Falyn was so funny and down to earth. Her story is one of heartbreak and overcoming. I feel she did great in doing these thing. I hate her parents and so will you!

Taylor, well he was a Maddox thru and thru. Sexy, charming, witty, just yummy. Like all Maddox men he fell hard and it was great to see. The bar part with Tyler made me laugh because it’s their typical behavior.

I give this book 4 stars because I love this author and this was another awesome addition to this series! I can’t wait to get Tyler’s story! Check out this book, you won’t be sorry! Click here to get your copy from Amazon!


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