⭐️Sundays Sizzling Seven⭐️

This week im going to do Seven of my favorite websites. This  is really hard for me because I will be honest, I thrive on the internet! I look everything up. Just the other day someone was questioning whether kids lose their baby molars, and me being me I just had to look it up and find the right answer! A year ago me and my husband were watching a movie that was talking about the core of the earth and the heat that comes from such and such depth, so I looked it up and we read a whole Harvard page about it. I’m always up for learning something new. So this week I will let y’all into  few of my favorite sites!


GoogleI truly love Google! I love everything about it and how it keeps changing and adding more and more things! I love how simple it is to search something, Or get a Word Doc without having to pay for the service! the drive to keep everything you need, and who doesn’t love email! Its more than that tho, it’s so simple to find something, You need or want to know. It just amazes me! With-out google, I wouldn’t have any of my other Favorites!

Image result for maryse's book blog I have a lot of Book Blogs that I used to visit on a regular basis and this is on of them, I love everything about how Maryse does her blog, i aspired to be like her! But really, I love her reviews and her recommendations. She is awesome at what she does! Check her site out! She does in-depth new release posts on Tuesday that blow my mind. how she finds these great deals, ill never know 🙂 I also love seeing her posts for after she goes to book signings! its pretty awesome!

______________________________________________________________________Image result for aestas book blog

Aestas Book Blog is another Amazing book blog that I have followed for along as I can remember. She does amazing reviews and A lot of other things stays up to date on all the new romance novels and does AMAZING giveaways! She is another blogger that does awesome posts when she goes to signings, I’ll never compare bloggers because we all have out own personality and that makes all of our reviews different. Is you havent seen this blog yet, GET TO IT! 🙂


Image result for amazon logoI have had my struggle with amazon, I wouldn’t say it was a horrible experience, but it wasn’t pleasant. but I try not to blame things on them because I love the different services they offer. Kindle Unlimited is awesome. I am a proud user of kindle unlimited. I do buy my own book, I read Gift Copies, I read ARC’s, but I still happily pay the $10 a month even if I only read one or two books a month, it’s a great way to read some new authors that you might not try another of them!


 This Is another place that I go to when I am looking for a new book. there is so much to do on this site! lately I have sadly been slacking, but I hope to get back to it! I love that they have tons of giveaway, there are groups that you can go to and chat about your favorite books. You can explore and find new books, make lists, groups, and leave your reviews! Millions of people use this, and to be honest that the first place I go to see ratings, reviews, ECT in a book that I want to read! If you’re not on good reads yet GET THERE!


Image result for wordpress  I am on WordPress everyday because, well my blog was first a .WordPress.com! then I changed it to a .COM but it’s still hosted by WordPress. so I feel like I have to add it on here because I visit it regularly. They made it easy for me to set up my blog and only grow as time goes!


Image result for facebookLast but not least, Facebook. I use Facebook on a daily basis. whether it’s for this blog or my own personal page. There is so much stuff you can do and see on there. Weather its a funny joke, or a silly animal doing something cute. Facebook is one of my go to sites.


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