⭐️Review⭐️ Ride Steady by Kristen Ashely!

 Ride Steady

Like all Kristen Ashley book, i was super excited when my email popped that i was given an ARC on netgalley (i jumped up and down). There are so many authors out there that are amazing and i’m not going to discredit them in any way, BUT kristen Ashley has to be in my Top 5 Authors list. There are a lot of factors that make her one of the bests.To me she is one of the best. Everyone has those books that you highlight so much you’re not sure if you should really write a review because you liked it so much, well this is one of those books to me. so without giving too much away i will give you some info about why this book ROCKED.


  • First the writing style was spot on. I’m not a bigger grammar minder but from what i could see everything was perfect! Kristen has her own brand of flow and it is so different from how a lot of other authors write their book, but it works amazing for the stories that she writes. I felt like i was part of this group of bikers that is Chaos.
  • This story starts when Carson is 16 and KA did an amazing job getting into a teenage boys mind!
  • The prologue was spot on on making me want to read the whole thing as fast as I could!
  • Told from dual POV but had some added POVs thrown in there that makes a KA book thrive in my eyes!
  • Loved seeing a little bit of the OLD GANG as i will call them. It  wasn’t much but it was enough to make me want to read all of the books all over again. Loved seeing the chaos brothers in this one too 🙂
  • The relationships that KA writes are total alpha males and DAMN are they imperfectly perfect. i love how she can make them asshole yet make them super sweet at the same time, like you don’t really want to like their actions but damn are they amazing at how they do them.
  • This is sort of a Second chance romance. it is but it isn’t at the same time. once you read it you will understand. everyone deserves an amazing life and Carson and Carissa are no different.

Now on to the Hero and Heroine

  • Carson is just straight up carson! He wa a victim in his younger days and finally had enough and then when we get into the story we learn he is the one and only Joker that we will all fall in love with. he is protective and fierce to those he loves. Being a man they don’t show it much but carson was different when he came to the ones he loved. Carson was amaZing with Travis who is Carissa Son. He was a loyal MC brother. He was just caring and amazing all the way around, unless you piss him off that’s another story (I wouldn’t want on his bad side). He also had the Shy, unsure side to him, he never felt good enough, and thats what this story is for him. Relizing he is worthy!
  • Carissa was amazing. I loved her so much. I wanted to just hug her. she had been thru a lot in the years leading up to this book and in the end she prevailed. Single mother to an adorable son, works her ass off to get by. ex is an ASS! Youll have to read this book to find out more about him! Carissa became so proctive of Joker it wasnt even funny, but love like KA writes will do that to you. She was snarky, goffy, and just plain awesome. Hates handouts, but must take them(chaos rule)

Overall this book was amazing and it is a total KA book! Fans of her work will go nuts over this amazing addition to the chaos series! I for one am so glad I read it! Get your copy today you won’t be sorry!!!! 


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