Review Wrath by Kaylee Song

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This is a Stand Alone Book with an HEA ending!

The Savior

Emma Snow has spent her life fighting to live. The product of a broken home, she clawed her way to independence, but at a cost. Now, in her junior year at a top tier college, she has everything within her grasp. Until she meets him.

Aidan is wild and reckless. Everything she isn’t and everything she should avoid. Her attraction to him is undeniable.

Emma escaped darkness before. Will surrendering to him only trap her again?

The Sinner

Wounded Army Specialist, Aidan Crowne never thought living at home could be this hard. A year into his new life, and he is already spinning out of control. No job, no prospects.

Fire and Steel MC offers him a place at their side. Joining the club means he’ll have to sacrifice everything that makes him human and give into his true nature.

His Wrath.

Is it worth the cost?

Can Emma deny Aidan when she’s the only one who might lead him to safety?

My Review

I loved how different this book was from other MC romance novels. we get a look at Adian before he was part of the club, and his time meeting the club and getting patched in. We get to see him find HOME. It was a great thing to see. I enjoyed this book so much.

  • Aiden was a great hero. he was strong and funny. The perfect mix of being an asshole and being sweet. he didnt want to get close to the HEroine yet once he was in, she was HIS. He learns that he belongs when for so long he felt like he really didn’t belong anywhere. Fate stepped in for him and even tho it took a while he found peace. It was an amazing thing to witness!

  • The heroine Emma was……. She was likeable. she didn’t take shit and i loved that about her. she was able to take care of herself, just like Aiden she didn’t want to owe anyone.

  • The plot was….. Kinda standard but had a few turns. no real big bang moments that made me sad enough to cry. Aiden’s past was heart breaking. he was a hero and didn’t feel like he was. He wasn’t perfect but that made him more perfect in my eyes. Emma’s past was bad because of her dead beat mother and she had to deal with the blowback from that.

  • The sex was hotter than the Desert. i blushed quite a bit while reading the sex. I love some great sex in a book and this didn’t have too much, but the right amount.

Overall i recommend this book to people who love MC romance and love a baddass biker how finally finds his home, with the woman he loves and the club he learns to love!


Like a God

Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor
Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor
Handsome shirtless athletic young man laying in bed at night looking at camera
Handsome shirtless athletic young man laying in bed at night looking at camera

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