Sunday Sizzling Seven 2014 Favorites

This week I am listing 7 of my favorite read of 2014. Have you read any of these? If so which of them? Do you have a favorite of 2014? Here are some of mine.

Product DetailsThis book is just amazing! If you want a book that is different and heart breaking. Yet so sweet and wholesome than this is the book for you! Archer’s  Voice is an amazing story and I think EVERY ONE needs to read this book. All of Mia’s books are just amazing!!!!!

Amazon—->Archer’s Voice


Product DetailsI love all the books in this series! BUT Nico is my favorites. His story is pure….. Perfectness! that’s the only thing I can call it. Nico is sexy, funny, sweet, dangerous, and just PERFECT! If you havent read this series yet GET ON IT! They can all be standalone, but every book is just as enjoyable and you should read them all!

Amazon——Until Nico (Until Series Book 4)


Product DetailsOHHHH This is an amazing Kristen Ashely book. It’s a lot different then the other books in this series. Its more tame, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing! Deacon is the perfect her and you will fall in love with him, then hate him, then love him again! Read Deacon!!!!!

Amazon—->Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4)


Product Details

This amazing book is being made into a movie, I CANT WAIT! This book is so heartbreaking beautiful. I truly wish I could read it for the first time all over again. One thing is for sure. Colleen Hoover gets better and better with each book she write! If you havent read Ugly Love yet, If you  Only read 1 more book this year (2015) Make it this book!!!

Amazon—–>Ugly Love: A Novel


Product DetailsWith this book, you get an ANTI hero and he is perfect! This story isn’t perfect with the I love you, and HEA, It has a great ending and they are happy, so don’t get me wrong. it’s just gritty and different then I was used to. Read it tho! It was one of my favorite Reads from 2014!

Amazon—–>Better When He’s Bad: A Welcome to the Point Novel


Product DetailsFirst off I love this cover! It’s so beautiful! Its beautiful written and had the perfect ending for this HERO and HEROINE. Best friends turned to more and the way the author proteid things…. She did an amazing job!

Amazon—->My Skylar


Product DetailsWow this book rips you apart and puts you back together. You don’t see the BAM moment coming. I dropped my kindle and thought I was wrong, but wow. She did an amazing job keeping you wondering and glued to your reading. I love the shock Factor that this book has. You will enjoy this book!

Amazon—–>Black Lies

What are some of your favorite read of 2014? List them below, I’m always looking for new reads!!!!! 🙂


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