A few of my favorite authors

These are In No order. Do you have a favorite author. Well I have tons. If an author can make me feel I will keep reading their books and here are some authors that deserve some spotlight. 

  • Molly McAdams– I truly love how Molly’s books can make you feel. I’ve cried with pretty much all of her books and most of them have been 5 stars and reread for me! There are some books that even years later you still think about them, and Molly has done that for me. She is also so sweet. I haven’t been able to meet her yet, but have messaged her in Facebook and she was so sweet and talks to her fans like friends. Her husband also does the same thing, and to say that the Facebook page is full of laughter is an understatement;  That makes an amazing author, being down to earth and goofy and has the ability to write a master piece that leaves you wanting more. Takeing chances guts the reader and makes us fall in love all over again. her never book is due out soon, Trusting Liam. This is a book that will test her writing. That is my option only. I have read authors that have botched this and have high hopes for Molly.  She is taking people from her other books and twisting them into one masterpiece. I am excited to see!
  • J r ward– I love this authors paranormal mind. The BDBH books are just amazing, the world she made up in her head and  brought to life on paper is just pure amazing! It’s also hard to choose one favorite book of hers. There are more coming out this year and I can’t wait! I had never read Paranormal until i picked up the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. they got me hooked. i will admit i havent read them all, because i want to savor the love. 🙂
  • Beth Flynn well crap, I can’t even describe how Beth’s Nine Minutes made me feel. To put it simply, crazy. You are left wanting so much more. With Out Of Time coming out soon I’m going crazy. The emotions that Nine Minutes brings out in its readers, let’s just say you will be itching for more. And it was just confirmed there will be a (untitled) book three! I screamed with joy when I found out! The way she makes you stop and think, Is it ok to love this man?, or should I hate him for what he’s done, she makes you go back and forth on how you feel about Grizz. I am team Grizz all the way but others i know are team grunt! if you want to know what i mean you will have to read the book. 🙂 I can wait to see what Beth come up with once these books are over. all i know is she is on my must buy list!
  • Kristen Ashley– Oh KA where to start. All of her books have hooked me. The ones I wasn’t sure about sucked me in as a reader and didn’t let go. There were a few book that blew my mind on how well she wrote something so different. Kristen has a few book coming out this year I’m pumped for.  I own quite a few of her books in paperback, because well shes that amazing. her Dream Man series got me hooked on to the bad boys. When i read Mystery Man i fell in love with the way that KA writes, and her epic epilogue. If you havent read them yet click on the link on her name and it will take you to her books. they are well worth the read!
  • Colleen Hoover– I can’t write just a little bit about her, it’s just two hard. But wow, she is an all around amazing woman. Author, mother, works hard to raise money, she is a one stop shop for anything it seems, and does it all with a smile on her face. She is funny on Facebook and just an author you can connect with. Her books bring out such a depth in you heart, you wonder how she does it.  The movie ugly love with be out some day soon. As a fan of this author I will be excited to see that movie. I will do a review of the movie on here when it’s out. The slammed books deserve a movie deal because of how amazing and a little taboo they are. I will be doing my review of never never when I can truly wrap my head around them. I am also excited to get my Book Worm boxes! they have shipped and I will be doing a post with pictures of what I got this month. I am also thinking about doing a give away!

These are not all my favorite authors. It would take me a long time to list them all. but every once in a while I will do another segment and spot light a few. I’m also thinking about doing reading order posts. so we shall see what I can come up with .


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