Review And Interview for Broken Play

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Birmingham Rebels #1
Samantha Kane
Releasing Sept 1st, 2015
Perfect for fans of Shayla Black and
Lexi Blake, the deeply sensual new Birmingham Rebels series introduces an
unforgettable team of chiseled football gods—and the daring, provocative games
they play behind closed doors.

Birmingham Rebels offensive linemen
Beau Perez and Cass Zielinski are inseparable, on and off the field. Cass, the
captain with the cowboy swagger, is a loose cannon. Beau, the veteran tight
end, is cool under pressure. And ever since they were caught on tape in a
steamy threesome, their exploits have fueled more than a few tabloid
headlines—and naughty fantasies.

Marian Treadwell knows all about the
video. And now that she’s the Rebels’ new assistant offensive coach, she can’t
look at Beau and Cass without picturing their hard, naked bodies—with her
pressed in between. Marian would like nothing more than to indulge those
impulses, but she knows better than to get too close to her players, a bunch of
adrenaline-fueled alpha males who don’t always follow the rules.

Just the thought of sharing the gorgeous yet guarded Marian drives Cass wild. At first, Beau isn’t sure she’s right for them . . . and lately, all he desires is a little alone time with Cass to explore their new intimacy. But it’s only a matter of time before Cass breaks through both of their defenses. Because when seduction is the game plan, he always plays to win.

Broken Play is intended for mature audiences.
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I’m going to keep this short and sweet, while the book is anything but sweet…… Ok I take that back Cass and Beau were sweet at times 😉 I loved everything this book was about. The releationship between the 2 Heros was amazing all on its won but add in the releations ship they share with Marian, it blew this book away! 
Beau and Cass were great together and or apart. They were total alpha males and yummy too boot! They weren’t too cocky, yet they had the perfect mix. 
The heroine was touch even with her past. She stood up for whatshe wanted even if she wasn’t quite sure what it was. I love her like a sister!
The plot was different. We think and wonder thru the book on what could make her the way she was and it blew me away. My heart felt for her. Just because she was different or wanted so,ething different Dosent justify hints. 
The end was just amazing! It blew out anything thought I might of had for this book. If you like something different and kinky this book is for you!
Author Interview!
First off thank you so much for doing a Q&A with Blushing Book Blog! This was my first book by you and it blew me away!!!! You are very talented!!!! 🙂 I truly can’t wait to read more!
So on to the questions!
When writing broken play, who did you throw ideas of of? Or are you a self asking author? ( meaning do you do it all yourself or do you have one special person you bounce ideas off of)
For the most part I’m a do-it-myself one-stop shop. But when I am sort of stuck in a scene or I’m not sure how to write myself out of a corner I bounce ideas off my bestie, mystery writer J.D. Allen, or my husband. And if I have a question concerning research, of course, I ask someone who’s an expert or in the profession.
This book is hot and steamy…… How did you find the inspiration to write the sexy scenes?
The characters really inspire my sex scenes. What they want, what they’re willing to do. And the plot. The sex in my books always furthers the plot, so you’ll see character growth (Ha! Pun not intended), or plot twists revealed in their steamy encounters. As for setting the mood, music is a must have when writing, especially writing the sex scenes. For a recent sex scene, I had Chase Rice’s Ride playing on repeat. Go listen to it. H. O. T.
● I’m a sucker for heros, can you tell us in your own words about Cass and Beau?
Well, Cass is one of those guys who likes to be in control at all times, and when he’s not he gets very frustrated. After all he’s the center for the Rebels, and he’s the offensive captain. When he can’t control Beau and Marian and protect them from bad press and unhappy pasts, it frustrates him and makes him more determined than ever to step in and fix things. He can be a little dictatorial and overbearing, but underneath it all is a heart of gold. He loves Beau and Marian with every fiber of his being, and he’ll do anything for them, to make sure they’re happy.
As for Beau, he’s a little lost. He’s always tried to be what other people expected him to be. When he was a young NFL star that meant an extravagant lifestyle of drugs and women. But it caught up with him and he almost overdosed. After that, people expected him to be the loser, the guy who couldn’t keep it together, a drug addict, one step away from the bottom of the ladder. But suddenly, with Cass’s support and Marian’s expectations, he finds himself wanting to be more, to be the man he always wanted to be and screw everyone else and their expectations. Needless to say, his transformation surprises Cass, delights Marian, and shocks everyone else.
Who would be your dream cast for Broken Play?
If we’re talking dream cast, then Tom Hardy as Cass, William Levy as Beau, and Reece Witherspoon as Marian.
● Describe Broken Play in 7 words.
Football in the South gets damn hot.
How do you come up with your characters names?
Sometimes the names just come with the character, at least first names. I just knew it was Cass and Beau and Marian. It fit them. Cass has a hard sound to it, a tough sound, but his full name is Cassidy, which is lighter and that’s Cass. On the surface he’s tough, but underneath soft and playful. Beau means a fashionable sort of dandy, which is NOT Beau. He looks kind of scary with his neck tattoos and all. But he is so sweet and caring and sensitive that the name fits him. So it’s a complex name for a complex character. And Marian makes you think of Maid Marian, who was strong but who needed rescuing. Marian is gentle, tough, resourceful, strong and she does need rescuing in her own way. As for last names, I have a harder time with them. I usually look them up. For instance, I wanted Cass to have Polish ancestry. I don’t know why, it’s not really part of the story, I just did. So I looked up Polish surnames and chose Zielinski. And Beau was Hispanic, so I chose Perez because I know a family with that name. Marian’s name is more symbolic. Treadwell just came to me, sort of describing how she’s made it in such a tough career as professional football coach, but also how in the past she had to tread carefully to avoid catastrophe.
When writing a book like Broken play, what was the hardest part?
The football! Really, learning the positions and the plays and the rules. I watch football, but I’m not the kind of fan who knows everything about it. Now I am! Well, I know more than I did. LOL But I had to do a lot of research for this book, studying the game, but also the players. I logged a lot of hours watching interviews and specials on the NFL Network.
● If you could Co-Author with someone who would it be?
I have co-authored a book with my best friend and critique partner, J.D. Allen. It was great! We had so much fun. Hopefully we’ll get that book out (a western, alternate reality spy thriller) and write the rest of the series soon.
● How do you overcome writer’s block?
I don’t have writer’s block so much as I lose the desire to write. There are some days I’m too tired or sick or just want to do something else. And one day leads to two and so on. So I find if I put my butt in the chair, sternly tell myself to write something and set a word goal (like 3,000 words), put on some music and focus, I get it done.
What was the last book you read? Your thought on it?
I just finished Lori Foster’s Run the Risk. I liked it. It has some weird vibes and a few issues (She put her hero in jean shorts. I can’t go there). But overall likeable characters that made me want to read the rest of the series. I’ve always liked Lori’s books, though, so no surprise there.
● If you were to look at your bookshelf, what are some book you see? (I ask because I love seeing what’s on an author’s book shelf)
Had to get up to go look. I have my keeper shelf (Jude Devereux’s Montgomery series, J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Laurel K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series), and a few newer ones like the Lori Foster series, a Katherine Ashe and a Sabrina Jefferies. Truly? I have more research books, like English country houses, Football for Dummies, Police Procedure and Investigation and The Crimean War.
● Funniest fan encounter?
Joy, from Joyfully Reviewed at my first Romantic Times convention. She saw me in the bar my first night and ran over to me screaming and jumping she was so excited to meet me. I’d never had a fan before! So it was pretty exciting for me, too. But I was so shocked and everyone thought that was very funny.
Rapid questions
● Favorite movie- To Have and Have Not, with Bogie and Bacall
● Favorite tv show- The Voice
● First book to come to mind- Love Returns, my print anthology with Love Betrayed and Defeated by Love, from Brothers in Arms, because it’s sitting right next to my computer and as soon as I read that I saw it and now can’t think of anything else. LOL
● Favorite drink- Caramel frappuccino
● Worst habit- I grind my teeth at night. Ouch.
● Favorite food- Chocolate.
● Favorite candy bar- Almond Joy.
● Paperback or kindle- Kindle all the way.
● Did you enjoy this interview? Yes!
Again thank you Samantha for doing this interview! I hope you had fun! It’s great getting to know authors on a different level 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you have instore for us!
Tasty excerpt

“Get. In. Here.” Marian spoke in that one-word-sentence staccato that had become so popular on television and that she’d sworn she’d never imitate. Now she knew it wasn’t a choice. She was simply so mad she couldn’t get more than one word out at a time. Beau didn’t argue. He simply slid sideways in through her office door, past where she stood holding it. She started to close it, but a hand grabbed it from the hallway and pushed it open again. Cass. Of course. “Can’t I even yell at him without your presence?” she asked coldly.

“Nope. Team captain. Got to be here.” Cass turned and closed the door behind him, then leaned against it, his arms crossed, that damn cowboy hat in one hand.

“Fine,” Marian said. “Since you piss me off, too, you can share the punishment.”

“I don’t take punishment,” Cass said, his usual charming smile gone as he gave her a heated stare that made sweat pop out along her spine. “I give it.”

It took Marian a moment to get past the images that flashed through her head at that outrageous claim. “On the field, not in my office,” she said a little unsteadily.

“Anywhere I choose,” Cass told her calmly.

“Maybe I should go,” Beau said from behind her.

Marian jumped and spun around to face him. She hadn’t been paying attention. She couldn’t believe she’d let him flank her like that.

“Settle,” Cass said quietly but firmly. “There’s no threat here.”

“You just made threats,” she countered, backing up until her back hit the wall a few feet off to Cass’s left.

“No,” he said, the charm back in his voice, a sexy little drawl making it sound like Naw. “Those were promises.”

She actually felt a bead of sweat slip down her cleavage, and she shivered.

“Stop it,” Beau said. “You’re scaring her.” She glanced at him and he looked a little sad, his eyes big and golden brown, and soft with some emotion she couldn’t name. Instinctively she knew he wasn’t the threat here, which threw her into confusion. Wasn’t he the one in charge?

“I’m not scared,” she said. It was a knee-jerk reaction, something she’d said so often in the past few years—to others and to herself—that it was second nature.

Cass sort of rolled himself along the wall toward her until he was leaning over her, not quite pressed against her, his hands on either side of her head, one still holding his hat. “Good,” he said, his voice rough and heavy with wanting. “I don’t want you scared.”

She was breathing too fast. “Move your arms,” she said, and she winced at the panic in her voice.

“Cass,” Beau said. She saw his hand on Cass’s shoulder and her heart nearly beat out of her chest. She had to put her hand up to her chest and press against it to make sure it didn’t.

“You know I’d never hurt you,” Cass said softly. He turned and tossed his hat onto the couch, against the opposite wall. Then he dropped both arms to his sides. He didn’t move back, though. He stayed close enough that she could feel his heat and smell his cologne and a hint of his sweat and deodorant and laundry detergent and shampoo, all the things that combined to be Cass’s scent. She hadn’t realized she knew his smell so well. It was an odd thought and made her frown at him. He frowned back. “Don’t you?” he asked.

It took a moment to remember what he’d said. “Yes.” She did know it. But that didn’t make her heart slow down, because she wasn’t afraid of him. She was afraid of herself, and what she’d let him do if she let go.

“Yell at me.” Beau’s soft words were lost in Cass’s gaze for a second and then they sank in.

“I should,” she said, standing straighter and tugging on the hem of her shirt nervously. “What in the hell do you think you were doing out there?” She pushed on Cass’s chest, but he wouldn’t budge, so she stood on tiptoe and glared at Beau over his shoulder.

“Speaking my mind,” Beau said. He walked over and dropped down on the couch, easily within her sight, making sure not to crush Cass’s hat. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.”

“So you decide to do it on my watch?” Marian said in a strangled voice. “Gee, thanks.”

“On your watch?” Beau asked, obviously getting angry. “Now you’re my babysitter, too? Jesus, how many do I need?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cass said, turning to glare at Beau, hands on his hips.

“Don’t try to distract me with a lovers’ quarrel,” Marian warned them. “I’m still pissed about Beau’s big mouth.”

Cass slowly swung his head back around and pinned her to the wall with his stare. He had the bluest eyes, and they could go cold and hard as fast as they could turn hot and heavy-lidded. “Lovers’ quarrel?” he asked quietly. Too quietly. Marian tried to slide sideways along the wall, out of his reach.

“That’s right,” she said, full of false bravado. She thought for a second that this must be what the canary felt like before the cat pounced.

Suddenly Beau laughed loudly, a harsh bark that sounded more incredulous than amused. It broke Cass’s stare and Marian quickly moved over to lean against her desk, facing them on more solid ground. “What’s so funny?”

“We”—he gestured between him and Cass—“are not lovers. We’re friends and we fuck women together. That’s it.” He didn’t sound happy about it. Or was he unhappy that people thought they were?

“Beau.” This time it was Cass trying to yank on the leash with a warning in his voice.

“Forget it,” Beau said flatly. “I’ve come out of my shell today. I’m not crawling back in.”

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Samantha Kane lives in North
Carolina with her husband and three children, two boys and one girl. With a
master’s degree in American history, she spent seven years as a high school
history teacher before becoming a full-time writer and mom.

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