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Love Dies Hard 1 – C.C. Cartwright

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Genre: Contemporary Romance


My name is Marcus Hunter. I own Hunter Investments, a billion dollar hedge fund. I admit it, I’m a total womanizer. A player, a serial-seducer, call me what you like. I enjoy a variety of women and I don’t do love.

I work hard, and I play even harder. I rarely dip into the office pool. That was until I became intrigued with Sophie

Shawn. She is a high-flying money manager like myself and we’ve had to work closely together. Sophie’s my equal, she’s smart, sharp-witted and of course she has to be sexy-as-hell.

The way she shakes her little ass in her tight, short skirts has me wanting to bury myself deep inside her.

We’re enjoying a drink together after work. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to bed her tonight. I want to hear her beneath me begging for more. When I’m done with her she won’t be able to utter a single coherent word.

Little did I know, I was the one in for a surprise from Miss Sophie Shawn.



Love Dies Hard 1

Copyright C.C. Cartwright 2015



We’re sitting at the bar in the restaurant downstairs from the offices

of Hunter Investments. Sophie and I have put in long hours this week and

we need to unwind. I can think of the perfect way to unwind and she’s

sitting right next to me looking oh-so-damn sexy. Her dress slits open in

the front and I think I catch a glimpse of, what is that, a garter and

stockings? I’m in trouble; she catches me looking.

“Like what you see, Marcus?” she says, as the words roll off those

luscious red lips of hers.

“I do. I do indeed,” I say, as my eyes cast down to her breasts

straining against the fabric of her low cut dress. She lets out a soft laugh as

she takes a sip of her wine.

“Have dinner with me,” I tell her.

“Alright,” she accepts my invitation.

“What are you in the mood for?” I ask.

“You,” she replies, and I’m not sure I heard her right.

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“You heard me,” she says, staring at me seductively. Damn, I have

to loosen my tie.

“Let’s eat first,” I say with a wicked smile.

“Suit yourself. You choose the place,” Sophie says.

“Let’s eat here,” I suggest.

“Sounds good,” she says, leaning into me as she slides off her bar

stool and spreads her legs to make sure I can see up her skirt, as her silky

dress pulls tightly across her breasts. Maybe we should skip dinner.

“Is it hot in here?” I tease, as we walk into the restaurant. We order

right away, not wanting to waste a minute before I can rip the clothes off

that tight little body of hers. “Your place or mine?” I ask, leaning back in

my chair and crossing my legs while we wait for our dinner to arrive.

“Where do you live again? I know you’ve told me before but I can’t

remember,” she says.

“Manhattan Beach, you’ll have to come over some time,” I answer.

“My place then, it’s closer,” she says sultrily, and adds a wink for

good measure. She leans forward and lets her long, silky black hair drape

sexily across her gorgeous face. Sophie shared her heritage with me one

day a few months ago over lunch. Her Mom is Chinese and her Dad is

Scottish. She has exotic Eurasian features; I’ve never been with a Eurasian

girl, but I’ve heard great things about them. How am I going to manage

walking out of here with a raging hard on? After we finish having dinner, I

settle the bill. Sophie stands and we head down to the parking garage. I

follow her home a short distance to her apartment. She lives alone in one

of those high-rise luxury apartment buildings that are just a stone’s throw

from our offices in Century City.

“You live so close to work, you could almost walk,” I say, once I park

in front of her building and walk into her grand and spacious lobby.

“Yes, it’s so convenient. I don’t have much of a commute,” she says

as we get on the elevator.

Once we close the door to her luxurious apartment and she puts her

things down, she starts walking into her bedroom while she’s unbuttoning

the front of her dress and sliding off its belt. My feet are rooted in place as

she leaves me standing in the entryway of her lavishly decorated Century

City apartment and I’m not sure what to make of this.

“Get in here,” she calls out to me from her bedroom. Just like that,

no foreplay? Damn, she’s throwing me off my game big time; she almost

makes me nervous. I walk slowly towards her room and she’s sprawled out

sexily on her king size bed in the most alluring black lace lingerie. My

heart stops. All she is wearing now is a black lace bra that she fills out

nicely, then my eyes travel down to her shapely waistline where I see her

black lace garter belt that looks amazing on her curves. Next, I see her

black lace panties and sheer black stockings covering her lean legs, down

to the tips of her toes. She’s posed like a pin-up, and she looks so sexy I

immediately rise to the occasion.

“Strip,” she commands as she rolls over to turn on her iPod player. I

do as I’m told; this girl is stealing all of my lines. Unbelievable. I strip

down to my tight black briefs and climb on top of her, then my lips crash

down onto those ruby red lips of hers that I can’t wait to have wrapped

around me.

Author Bio:

My passions lie in reading and writing sexy contemporary romance novels. I love writing in the genre I love to read. Personal experiences are often the inspiration for my sexy romances, so you will find a little bit of me in every story I pen. I will leave you to guess which parts are true and which parts are fiction!

Listening to my favorite music while writing inspires me to create my characters and makes their love stories come alive. I believe in writing about heroines who are strong, smart, sassy, sexy and have a sense of humor.

I cherish my family and am a hopeless romantic. I believe in finding your happily-ever-after and that each day is for living, loving and laughing.



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