Bloggiesta Mini Challange: Overall Organazation


This is my first Bloggiesta mini challenge. I am kinda worried because I don’t want to mess up but even if I do it will be a learning experience. I have been stalking Bloggiesta for a while now and have never got the nerve to take part until now. I’m jumping head first so to speak. So a little about my blog. I started a review blog back in april. I love everything that has to do with romance. so I am taking my love for that and made a blog. I have met a lot of great authors thru this and I cant wait to grow!!!! So on to my Mini challenge. I’m sorry if it feels like this is all over the place, as things come to mind i will type and let my fingers do the work.

I am a stickler for organization. Weather it be with the books I will review, a review template, spread sheets to keep track of the things I will do, or even on my kindle app for my I pad. I feel I need to keep everything organized so I know what needs to be done. I know that everyone has their own ways of doing things but maybe I do something you like and you will incorporate that into your blog!!! so I bet you’re wondering what are so thing I do……

  • I am weird about having everything in different places so that I always have my hands on what I need. for ex. My schedule. I have 3 different places I like to keep that to be on the safe side. A) I have a monthly planner that I write everything down on, whether it be a Release Blast, Review, Interview, Cover Reveal, ECT. When I write it down I abbreviate everything and have a key in the back. If it is a review its written (R). for a cover reveal its (CR), interview (I) and so on, this helps keep everything on one line for me and less writing. also I have abbreviated the companies that i help weather Tasty Tours (TT) The Rock Stars Of Romance (TRSOR) or Inkslinger (IS) I will know each by just IMG_2449the letters. If its someone asking on Facebook than (FB). so pretty simple. its helpful in keeping in my purse and being able to write the title, and source and what I will do.
  • Also something I have that I found has help me, is having it on a spreadsheet. I made a google form, to the left that has everything I might need to know about a post I have signed up for. I have the spreadsheet on my phone, I pad and computers so I am able to see it at all time. I have a bookmark on my phone and I pad so I can pull this right up each time I may need to enter something and can’t take the time to write it down. Once I write it into my Planner, I color code with reviews, interviews, cover reveal, ect, that way I can see what is coming up next. It took a little time to set up at first but now it saves me a lot of stress when wondering what is to come next.
  • I also use Trello. if you havent heard of this it is a great app I got on my ipad that can help me keep track of whats to come. I have 2 boards. One is for the blog. One is for Reading and reviewing. It helps me keep track of things like, titles and dates reviews need to be up. Interviews that need sent. Ect. then you swipe and delete once it is complete. Again setting up took the longest. Now its second nature. I am a stickler for having things in more than one place just because something can happen to one and I like having back ups.
  • I keep the links to all my reviews in a spread sheet also. that way if I need to get to it quick I always have it. (Also have a review tab on the top of the blog) but again I am weird and need things in more than one place in case something happens (LOL)
  • With all that I tour with I keep bookmarks on my Ipad in a folders so that i can get right to them if I need to go to them to check a schedule, or if I would like to see what need sign ups are on there.
  • Lets move on to book organization that I have on my Kindle App. There is a handy thing called Collections that will help you organize the different books you have. I have 3 as of right now. (My app is weird and is so slow i’m worried if I add more than it will mess it up even more.) 1) is To Read for Tour. 2) Is read for Netgalley 3) Read, Need to Write Review.  I’m hoping to add more as my app gets better. I want to do one for each company that I tour with. That way I know exactly where the review is for. (doesn’t sound right but in my head it does).

Now on to my Email organization. This is where I feel I am the most organized

  • Make folders!!!!!! I tour with a lot of places, because I like helping authors get the word out their of their new books. so when I signed up to promote with the different places I added a folder to my Gmail. one for each place. then when something from them comes in i add it to their folder. I also have a folder for once things are completed and i have posted it goes into my Completed folder. That way if I would like to use a teaser in the future, or need the links i have them in one place and can search. It has helped me a lot over the months.
  • I try to get Ebooks ahead of time for giveaways, so I also have a folder for Giveaway Books. and when the winner contacts me I have it right there. because you can’t beat a deal(LOL).
  • Always have an email just for your blog. It has made things so much easier for me because then I don’t have to worry about losing anything.
  • I keep all the places I get/read books with in one folder on my ipad also. I read with all of them. Kindle, IBooks, B&N, ect. It feels like I change things up a little, and when amazon makes me mad for deleting or not posting reviews or something I change it up for a little bit.
  • With my reviews I have my own template to help me make the most out of my review. I make sure to highlight the Hero, heroines, secondary people, Plot, relationship with hero and heroine, and any dislikes that I had. The thing I love about reviews is that everyone is so different and they have their own option. No two reviews will be the same. so having your own template can be really helpful to get the most out of your review.
  • I tag all my reviews on the blog as book reviews so that i can search it and find them all in one place.

So that’s so of my organization that helps with my blog. I still don’t have it down for my facebook page get but I’m getting there. What are things you do that your willing to share? I always like trying new thing. 


I challenge you to take something you learned on here or another challenge and incorporate it within your blog. . Learning something from someone else can help you with something that you might not have thought of before.. Come back here and tell me what you have use and if it was helpful.


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