Review, Interview & Tour: Raven by Ashely Suzanne

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Flight or Fight #1
Ashley Suzanne
Re-Releasing Sept 8th, 2015
In the debut of Ashley Suzanne’s
blistering-hot Fight or Flight series—perfect for fans of Monica Murphy and J.
Lynn—two sparring partners put their hearts on the line and push their bodies
to the edge.
Fields is done being a punching bag. When Rian was thirteen, her only friend
walked out on her, leaving Rian alone to mourn when she lost her mother three
years later. Then he came back into her life senior year, igniting new
desires—and breaking her trust permanently when he enlisted in the army. Now
Rian has finally found an outlet for her rage against the world: mixed martial
arts. But just as she’s learning the ropes, Garrett Rhodes turns her life
inside-out one more time.
much they hurt each other, Garrett never got over Rian. So when he gets the
call that she’s in jail, he bails her out, no questions asked. The years have
toughened her. Made her harder. Sexier. All she needs to make it as an MMA
fighter is the right coach, and Garrett’s man enough to train her. He just has
to go toe-to-toe with “Raven,” the fearless woman who takes control in the ring
. . . without falling for Rian, the vulnerable girl who still drives him crazy.
This book was so refreshing and different that I’m not sure how to review it, it has 2 different feeling to it. You get a look at young and carefree and then you watch it evolve into something much more sad, and passionate. I didn’t expect parts to happen and when they did alone could do was laugh! It was an amazing book and I think everyone should read it! 
Garrett was great. This book wasn’t really about him. He was Rians support more than anything. He was tough and understanding when it came to things. There were parts that I wanted to punch him in the face, but it’s well explained and doesn’t make us think bad about him. He was sexy, the whole Military thing! Yum. He helped guide Rian to what he speeded and protected her the best he could.
I’m not sure how to talk about Rian. She was was amazing. You feel a pull to her from the start of the book. She was never the perfect kid in school, but she made due with what she had. As she grew in the book she became very independent, confident, and carefree. Deep down we could feel her struggles. You felt her heart break. You understand the choices she makes. I wish I could be Rians best friend! 
You get to see the young carefree relationship, then you see the grown up more mature version of Garrett and Rian, both are so different due to things that can’t be changed, I loved how the romance evolved into what it was by the end. Even tho they had to fight to get there. 
Secondary characters 
This book had a great group of characters that helped to support the story and the Hero and Heroine. This is part of a series but i’m not sure who will get a book from this book. It will be interesting to see.  
This plot is so different, I suggest going in won’t be sorry, it was refreshing, I can’t say to much with out giving it away, because of the big moments. You are engaged in Rians life, her head, her heart, and root for her thru the whole story. Your heart will break, you will cry, and wonder why the path was taken. This is Rians story about overcoming and being who you want to be despite what people think, say, or expect. 
Clean and fresh it had it moments where you had to go back because you thought you missed something only to realize that’s how it was wrote. I enjoyed that guessing part. It kept you pulled into the story from the start. 
Overall this book was amazing. New. Refreshing. Different than the normal that we see. Take the risk and read this book you won’t be sorry. Fall in love with Rian and don’t second guess yourself. 


First off, I loved Raven! I’ll be honest I skimmed the description, and it pulled to me. When I read this book I was blown away! I would recommend going in blind. It made it that much better!!! Congratulations on this amazing Re-release!

On to the question!

Ok first off I want to say congratulations on your re-release l! It is an amazing book! How did you come up with the plot?

I was very intrigued by Ronda Rousey, the singlemost badass female fighter in the world. I wanted to write a book that showcased a strong female, that was still feminine and all that being feminine entails. I sat down and thought “how can I make this book appeal to all types of readers” and it just unfolded like a movie playing in my head.

This was so different because of of her wanting to fight MMA. what made you take the direction you did with Rian?

I read a lot of romance and the heroines all seem to sound the same after a while. I wanted something different. The best advice I ever received was to write what I wanted to read, and I was in serious need of a strong yet still soft lead female character. And Ronda Rousey. They get no better!

● Rian was the main focal point of this book, are any of her traits, your own?

I think out of all the books I’ve written, I relate the most to Rian. I’m strong, yet still irrational at times. Her sarcastic wit is all me. I’m so serious when I say I have no filter and the opinions people have of me don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I just want to do what I love and don’t care how anyone else feels about it. And she’s pretty badass so I’d like to think I’m just as cool as she is.

● How did you come up with the characters names?

A friend of mine from high school has a daughter named Ryan and I loved it so much, but I didn’t want to do a traditional spelling. Her last name, Fields, comes from one of my biggest supporters. Garrett has always been a favorite name of mine and his last name is that of one of my friends and also my favorite aunt and uncle. And other than that, I just pick what I like and what sounds good! Oh, also, the child in the book … Gregory … it’s my brother’s name and my youngest’s middle name!

● Who would be your dream cast for Raven?

OMG .. RONDA ROUSEY!!!!!! And Ryan Guzman would play my leads.

● A raven is a beautiful bird, what is your favorite bird

? Honestly, I hate birds. I detest all of them. I’m actually petrified of all flying creatures. So, a cooked turkey on Thanksgiving is my favorite bird!

● If you look at your bookshelf, what books do you see?

I see an OCD alphabetized array of books spanning all genres, from children’s to romance to paranormal to young adult. My family are avid readers, and we don’t segregate the bookshelves. But the one book that will pop out to you is my signed copy of Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan IN FRENCH!!! It may or may not be framed .. and in case of fire and I were only allowed to take one book ,that might be the one I grab!

● In your option, being the writer of Raven, what was your main hope with this book? What did you want us as readers to feel?

That’s doesn’t sound right but I’m not sure how to phrase the question, lol I feel this was all about Rian overcoming her past and browning as a woman, her past makes me sad, but I love the outlet she chose to help overcome it, I really want women to take exactly that. It doesn’t matter how many times you get kicked in the gut and the rug pulled out from under you, YOU are the ONLY one that has the ability to overcome obstacles and make yourself better because of it. And it doesn’t matter what way you take to get to the finish line, as long as you get there and you’re happy with yourself.

● If you could Co-Author with one person who would it be and why?

I just released a book with my co- author partner in crime. Missy Johnson and I work extremely well together, playing off each others emotions and knowing where we stand without even having to talk about it. Missy Johnson is my other half and the best Aussie friend I’ll ever have. And for that, I’m grateful.

How long did it take for you to write Raven?

I think I wrote it in about 7 or 8 weeks.

Being a new author, how do you, or will you handle negative reviews?

Well, when Raven was initially published in 2014, it was my 6th published novel. Now that it’s been sold to Random House, and when it rereleases on September 8th, it will be my 13th published work LOL … so, not so much a new author. I published my first book in August of 2013 LOL. But as for negative reviews, if they’re constructive, I take what I can from them, cry in the corner for a little bit, then figure out how to make myself better. As for negative reviews just for the sake of having something to say, I let them roll off my back. Some people don’t have anything nice to say, but I’m the one in control as to let them affect me or not, and I try really hard not to.

Last question, what is next for you as an author?

Well, I’ve got a follow up book coming out this fall to my Up in Smoke Series called Smolder. Female Firefighter .. .see where I’m going with this?!? Lol Then, I’m working on some biker books for Random House with Missy Johnson … then, who knows, I might write something really emotional and sensitive, or I could bust out the super porn … only time will tell ❤

Rapid questions

● Favorite movie- Super Troopers

Favorite tv show- The Walking Dead

First book to come to mind– Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn

Favorite drink- pepsi from a can or blueberry vodka and sprite

● Worst habit- smoking and over eating

● Favorite food– BabyBel Cheese

● Favorite candy bar– Butterfinger

Paperback or kindle– Paperback

● Did you enjoy this interview? FASHO!!!!!!!!

Again thank you so much Ashley for taking the time to visiting and answer so questions! I can’t wait to see what else you have instore for us!

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Ashley Suzanne has been
writing for as long as she can remember. As a youngster, she was always
creating stories and talking to her imaginary friends. Thankfully, her parents
also carried this love of fiction, and helped her grow into the bestselling
author she is today. When Ashley isn’t coming up with her next story, you’ll
most likely find her on the couch, telling her husband all about her new book
boyfriend, or spending quality time with her two gremlins . . . er, adorable

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